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Rat Control

Commercial & Industrial

For commercial and industrial rodent control we offer full food safety standard (HACCP) and audit documentation (on request) and our rodent treatment programs are fully compliant.


Rodenticide Treatments

We have a range of rodenticides that we use for rat or mice infestation in different areas, depending on your unique situation and safety issues. For example, wax blocks, liquid bait, tracking powder, rodent paste, mouse repellents, snapper traps, glue traps and some others are used in our process.


Domestic Rodent Control

Our very successful rodent treatments usually involve visiting your property (office/factory/home) more than once. We do an initial treatment and at least one follow up visit to re-bait problem areas. Rats breed so quickly that a once-off treatment is not usually enough to control the rat problem. We recommend Monthly Services in high risk locations.


Preventative measures you can take to:

  • All animal food (for dogs, birds, etc) should be properly stored and not left out in any position accessible to rodents. Foods left out act as an attractant to rats. When feeding your animals, rather pick up the leftover food immediately.
  • Ensure that plants and branches are a fair distance from walls or roof outside your property, and do not make contact at any point. These points can serve as ‘bridges’ which rats (and ants) will utilise to climb and gain access to your premises. Be sure to close up any and all potential points of access, including gaps around pipes where plumbing enters the building.
  • Also check for gaps in the back lining of cupboards and seal up wherever it seems necessary. Also ensure that no food is left out on counter tops, or in the sink overnight. All food should be stored in durable sealed containers and inside cupboards.

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Useful Information If Termite Treatment is Necessary

Do not panic. There is no need to be alarmed if termite activity is found in your home and treatment is necessary. Termites work slowly and the structure will not be extensively damaged or collapse overnight.

Take your time to make a sound decision. Do not allow anyone to force you to make quick decisions. If you decide to hire a commercial pest control company, get two or more cost estimates. It is important to request the plan of work revealing sites of termite activity and treatment procedures. Ask for written information on chemical treatment procedures, repair of wood work, warranties, copies of insecticide labels and other pertinent information. Compare bids before making decisions. Ask about liability insurance.

Beware these situations:

Someone says that a structure will be treated with a secret chemical formula

pest control operators with no business address and no listed phone number, and

operators with no liability insurance.

Termite Control

The goal is to establish a continuous insecticide barrier between the termite colony (usually in the soil) and wood in a building. Sometimes there may be a secondary termite colony above the soil (in the roof or other areas with a constant moisture supply) that requires additional treatment. Insecticide barriers may be established during or after building construction. In an existing building, termite treatments may involve any of the following procedures: a) mechanical alterations, and/or b) use of an insecticide to treat the soil, foundation and wood. In most cases, it is beyond the ability of an untrained person to attempt the termite treatment, unless it is a spot treatment or a person has work experience in this area.

Generally, termite treatment should be performed by professional pest control operators. Termite treatment requires special tools such as hammer drills, sub-slab injectors, rodding devices, engines equipped with pumps, protective equipment, etc.


Do not apply insecticides when soil is frozen or saturated with water. Frozen or saturated soil will not absorb insecticide uniformly.

Do not let humans and pets touch treated surfaces until surfaces are dry.

Before using insecticides for termite control, always READ, UNDERSTAND AND FOLLOW all label directions.

Keep all pesticides in original containers, out of reach of children and away from food, feed and water.

Do not plant food crops in treated soil.

Do not allow children and pets to play in treated soil.